PD-1654 vs PD-1638: Pagani Design Watches Compared & Analyzed

18 februari 2024 av
Patrick Landolt
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Pagani Design PD-1654 · Hybrid Automatic Wristwatch vs. Pagani Design PD-1638 · Automatic Skeleton Wristwatch: A Comparison


The PD-1654 features a sleek and modern design suitable for various occasions. In contrast, the PD-1638 showcases a unique skeletonized dial that offers a glimpse into its intricate automatic movement.


While both watches are automatic, the PD-1654 is a hybrid that combines both mechanical and quartz movements for enhanced accuracy. On the other hand, the PD-1638 solely relies on its automatic movement.


When it comes to functionality, the PD-1654 offers additional features such as a chronograph and date display, making it more versatile. The PD-1638, with its skeletonized design, focuses more on showcasing the movement itself.

Case Size

The PD-1654 boasts a larger case size compared to the PD-1638, providing a bold and statement-making appearance. Conversely, the PD-1638's smaller case size offers a more subtle and elegant look on the wrist.


Ultimately, the choice between the PD-1654 and PD-1638 depends on personal preference. If you value a mix of traditional and modern elements with enhanced functionality, the PD-1654 might be the ideal choice. However, if you appreciate a unique and skeletonized design that focuses on the beauty of the automatic movement, the PD-1638 could be the perfect fit for you.

Patrick Landolt 18 februari 2024
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