Comparing the Elegance and Utility: Pagani PD-1751 vs PD-1693 Wristwatches

February 15, 2024 by
Patrick Landolt
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Pagani Design PD-1751 · Automatic Wristwatch VS Pagani Design PD-1693 · Automatic GMT Wristwatch

In the world of sophisticated elegance and practical utility, Pagani Design watches often find themselves at the forefront. Here, we delve into a details comparison between two stunning offerings from Pagani Design—the PD-1751 Automatic Wristwatch and the PD-1693 Automatic GMT Wristwatch.

Design and Build

Both watches present a debonair aesthetic spectrum with subtle differences. The PD-1751 exudes a classic luxury watch vibe with its stainless-steel case and band, silver dial, and hardlex crystal. On the other hand, the PD-1693 mixes modern and classic appeal. It also features a stainless-steel case—albeit with a Dual Time Zone GMT function and a fashionable leather strap.


The PD-1751 and PD-1693 both flaunt an automatic movement. They wonderfully manifest the complex internal mechanics that both captivate the onlooker's aesthetic sense and ensure precise time-keeping.

Water Resistance

The PD-1751 features a water resistance capability of 30 meters, making it ideal for everyday use. However, it's advised against using it while swimming or diving. On the flip side, the PD-1693 boasts a higher water resistance of up to 100 meters, making it a suitably robust choice for those with a love for water adventures.

Additional Features

The PD-1751’s crown jewel is its date function, elegantly giving users an effortless way of keeping track of the date. The PD-1693, however, stands out with its GMT function, ability to display a second time zone, making it a perfect piece for those constantly in two time zones.


Both the PD-1751 Automatic Wristwatch and the PD-1693 Automatic GMT Wristwatch gift their wearers with bountiful features and effortlessly elegant aesthetic. The choice between them comes down to specific needs and personal preferences. For those seeking a more traditional watch with date functionality, the PD-1751 stands as an excellent option. For those who travel frequently or need to monitor two time zones, the PD-1693 is the unerring choice. Both watches encapsulate beauty, elegance, and functionality, exemplifying Pagani Design's prowess in crafting horological masterpieces.

Patrick Landolt February 15, 2024
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